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Mission Partners

We’re Local Owners Committed To Serving Our Community

Mission work

Powdersville Self Storage exists to serve the local community, but also to support a worldwide mission to help those in need.

Helping Orphans In Need

August 13, 2019 – One of our self-storage tenants, Liz, recently told us about an effort to help orphans of war at New Birth Church on the African Ivory Coast. Powdersville Self Storage made a donation and Liz sent us photos showing that it was used to provide rice for 3 months.

African Orphans posing in front of sign thanking Sophrona Chapman

School in Jamaica

Powdersville Self Storage is teaming up with locals outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica, in a rural town called Pumpkin Bottom, to help school children. While traveling in this area, and talking with some of the town folk, we discovered that there was a desperate need to help provide school supplies for some local children, as well as providing an individual to teach them.

School in JamaicaIn this rural and remote area, children attend school outside, on the ground – literally on the ground. There is no building to provide a school for the children. The ages of the children range from first grade through fifth. Most of them have never had the opportunity to attend school. A nearby hotel is furnishing blankets and towels so that the children will have a comfortable spot to sit while being schooled.

Powdersville Self Storage is currently sponsoring nine (9) children in this rural area, along with paying a young man to serve as the children’s school instructor. We are wanting to be able to furnish school supplies for 16 more children.

We thank you in advance for your generosity as you help us give these children a chance to learn and grow and become what God would have them to be.


Upstate Warrior Solution, Inc. (“UWS”) is a community-based nonprofit organization in the Upstate of South Carolina that helps warriors and their families by connecting them to the resources they need. UWS guides them through the process of developing solutions that are realistically attainable for whatever areas in their lives that they may need help. The goal of UWS is to give the warriors and their families the skills and resources they need so that they can get employment, become healthy, be financially secured, become educated, receive housing and to ultimately, become active in the community once again.

If a warrior is in need of any type of assistance, UWS is here to help. Counselors are available to guide them through the process of transitioning them from the military back into civilian life. UWS can be reached at 864-520-2073.

You can also donate online at the website www.upstatewarriorsolution.org.

All donations stay within five counties of South Carolina (Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens and Laurens).

Upstate Warrior Solution Logo


All proceeds from our lock sales go to Campus Crusade for Christ where the love of Jesus is shared with college students in and around central Europe and beyond! Through this ministry hundreds of students are being led to the Lord yearly and introduced to a life of peace and joy through their acceptance of Christ as their Savior!!!


(A US based non-profit organization in Texas)

This ministry is reaching out to Israel by helping to house and rehabilitate women who are homeless, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and have turned to prostitution. They are given housing and resources to lead them away from this type of life while they are being rehabilitated. The gospel of Jesus Christ is also being shared with these women.

For more specific needs or to donate, you may visit East West Ministeries at www.eastwest.org. All donations are tax deductible.


(A US based non-profit Christian organization in Spartanburg, SC)

An organization that helps incarcerated people, upon release from prison, to find housing and jobs. Statistics show that 60% of incarcerated people, after they are released, return to prison. If involved with Jump Start, that statistic reduces to less than 2% returning to prison, after their release. Taxpayers are paying $22,000 per year per prisoner to house inmates in our jails. Help us support a ministry that frees taxpayers of this debt while, at the same time, helps rehabilitate those individuals who are willing to make a new start in life through the Jump Start ministry.

Help us by donating money, goods or your time to the Jump Start ministry. You can contact Jump Start for specific needs at www.jumpstartvision.org. You can also donate on line at this website address. If you would like to make a monetary donation at our office, please make checks payable to “Jump Start”. All donations are tax deductible.

Upstate Warrior Solutions Donation

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